About Us

About Us


About Us

A boutique design agency forging hard-core ideas for new or refreshing brands that want to break their industries and drive customer engagement.

We’re in for the long haul

Sure, you can get a logo from just about anywhere, but a logo is just a mark. A true brand is your story, told visually. We build brands over time as partnerships with our clients. We listen closely and design with intention, which makes our brands flexible enough to last, strong enough to achieve goals and true enough to get at the core of who you are.


Work Directly with the creatives

What began in 2016 as HHM Creative out of Houstonโ€™s freelance work, has now become Olson McIntyre, a true partnership and design duo, ready to set your true brand loose.

Whitney Olson

The winding road Iโ€™ve led as an artist, musician and creative has brought me to design. I graduated from the University of Minnesota, choosing to study natural sciences because the environment always appealed to me in the true romantic sense. With this focus on science I spent all my spare time creatively by painting, enjoying art and making music with multiple bands. Graphic design found me after several years and I attended a secondary program for print and web design.

I enjoy incorporating organic shapes and hand-drawn aspects into my design work, where appropriate. I also enjoy the ever evolving challenge that each project brings. I revel in brand projects where we create entire, vibrant concepts for businesses that they will use for years to come. I also truly enjoy the relationships we build with our clients, and the happy and freeing feeling when they receive a solid brand they can rely on to grow their business.

Houston McIntyre

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been twenty years since I began my career in graphic design. It all started back east in Pittsburgh, PA where I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (RIP) and got involved with the punk rock scene. Working by day with the marketing firm, Buzzhoney where we designed for big wig companies, and by night freelancing a multitude of design outputs, especially publication design and screen printing.

ย After ten years in Pittsburgh I found the joy of motorcycling, which turned into a subsequent 5 year road trip. This led to many creative projects while maintaining a freelance presence to keep gas in the tank. My travels took me all over and I found myself a home in Minneapolis where the creative field is truly appreciated. In the four years of being here one solid client has turned into a full time roster that continues to grow across the country.